So Thankful!

Today we give thanks! We girls are thankful for the big things of course: An incredible family, our God, good health, freedom, friends, and plenty of everything we need. But we are also thankful for the small things.

{Girls with Aunt Debbie}

Sam says she's thankful for: thanksgiving, my teacher, water, this world, my neighborhood and neighbors.


Lizzie says she's thankful for: air, a place to go, plates and bowls (are you all laughing too or is it just me?), words, and toys.

{Two of my favorite people in all the world}

Lilah is thankful for: the ability to say her favorite word "no", ears (especially mine), O's (which is any variety of cereal) and her ba-ba (paci).

{At least Kit stayed awake for the ride home}

And I say thanks for: sunshine, fall colors, a two day work week, Auburn Tiger football, and adoption of course!

Hope yours was wonderful.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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