Merry Christmas!

It's beginning to look a little bit like Christmas around here.


A toddler calls for toning down of decorations but that does makes life a whole lot easier.


Lilah believes me to be a wretched woman because I will not let her play with the nativity set. The donkey and Gaspar still have a way of disappearing now and again but thanks to this set:


we're doing pretty well.

All the normal holiday stuff is in the works complete with parties and school activities. GG took the girls to the first Christmas party of the season this past weekend. It was put on by the state for current and adopted foster children. This was snapped:


Just so you know, it will go directly into a frame where it will stay and be brought out every Christmas for the rest of her life. Is it bad that I love it so?

In other news, we went right on through November without my even mentioning Adoption Month! Congrats to those of you who had adoptions processed! Especially to my friend Kelly who added four {you amaze me!}. For those of you still waiting on forever keep patience about you. It can be so tough! TPR happened for us in late October and we had great hope for an adoption on National Adoption Day. It wasn't until seven months later though that our day came. I don't know if that is encouraging or discouraging (!) but it is meant to be the former:) Your day will come!
Philippians 4:6

If I owe you an email it is coming! Thanks so much for your kind words, prayer, and support!

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