Hello (2014), Goodbye (2013)!

I sit lonesome tonight by the glow of Christmas lights and NYC ball dropping tv. A perfect evening to reflect on the past year, on life, and on what I hope and dream for my...for our...future. It, life, seems to move at warp speed these days. Particularly as it pertains to my sweet girlies. They get gone from me for a week with their dad and there is just enough time and space and SILENCE that I get removed from the chaos of everyday life and MISS them and know all the ways that I want to be better as a mom, to make more time with each one individually. They are so precious to me. It hurts how they are growing up so fast. How Lilah is the age Lizzie was when she first came home to me. How is that possible?!?! When did I become the age that I thought about time passing too quickly? That I wanted to grab it and hold on tight? More and more with every year, time is bittersweet. It's taking these growing girls and turning them into young ladies, and school aged children. But, with each year brings memories, trips, struggles and growth. I love this life. I love this family. Here's to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our family to yours!


Kelly said...

Your girls are getting so big! Peyton and Britton are almost the ages Jackson and Delaney were when they came home to us. Times flies so fast! Been following you and your girls from the very beginning and they are so precious. So glad God chose y'all for each other. :). Happy 2014!

GG said...

I was so surprised to see this post. Sometimes I just stop by to read and remember sweet moments. And there was a new pic of the girls and a new post. It really is a great way to keep a journal of precious times. And yes..they are growing up oh so fast! I remember when you and Jaime were little, I couldn't bare to think about the two of you growing up. But there have been great times at every age. And in a flash you will be rocking their babies!