Oh it doesn't show signs of stoppin'

And I've got some corn for poppin'...


We are not big fans of the cold weather though we do welcome snow if it's gonna be cold. We are counting down the days over here until Santa comes!

I know that repeatedly torturing Lilah with visits to Santa seems cruel but I will remind you that I have been involved in none of this. This time it was Granddaddy and Mimi who took the girls to see St. Nick! {I will claim responsibility however for allowing my toddler to sit on top of the table, eating popcorn and drinking (luke-warm) hot chocolate from her sippy. I'm sure all of those things are no-nos in the parenting manual, however, we threw that book out long ago!}

Lilah really does like 'Ho-Ho' just not when he's up close and personal:


Our dear Santas are as follows:
Samantha's biggest wish: Getting her ears pierced and earrings. We are growing up people!
Lizzie: A Nintendo DS. This is the third year she has asked and though my initial response was the same, "We aren't getting a DS." I had to question why I was saying 'no' for the third year in a row. No reason. WE ARE GETTING A DS! Can't wait to see the look on her face Christmas morning!
Lilah: ? She likes best unrolling toilet paper and pulling spices out of the cabinet so I'm pretty sure she will be happy with anything.
And for me? I think MAYBE I will find this under the tree. I'm still reading reviews though...if you have opinions let me know.

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